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  • Study 'makes the case' for RFID forensic evidence management

    Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags—devices that can transmit data over short distances to identify objects, animals or people—have become increasingly popular for tracking everything from automobiles being manufactured on an assembly line to zoo animals in transit to their new homes. Now, thanks to a new NIST report, the next beneficiaries of RFID technology may soon be law enforcement agencies responsible for the management of forensic evidence.


  • TransLink testing RFID fare gates for people with disabilities

    Whenever he needs to go somewhere on transit, Terry LeBlanc avoids taking SkyTrain, even if it makes his trip significantly longer.


  • How the Latest Access Control Technology Helps Secure Campuses

    Organizations that use electronic access control perform routine administrative tasks to manage the activity of their systems.


  • Fingerprint Recognition continues to provide cost effective access control

    According to a report published by TechSci Research, the global biometrics market size is set to cross $24 Billion by 2021. A further report from Technavio on the global multimodal biometrics market indicated CAGR of more than 15% over the forecast period. Of this marked growth, fingerprint recognition technology holds the largest single factor authentication segment and is predicted to continue to hold this pole position for the foreseeable future.


  • Who Is In The Facility?

    security is an important part of business in high-rise office buildings, manufacturing facilities, campus settings, and facilities of all sizes. This includes the development of an intelligent security network that provides for secure, automatic access security policies; and seeks to provide actionable data related to the comings and goings of regular employees; outside, on-site consultants; as well as short-stay visitors.


  • Bringing Internet-of-Trusted-Things to access control

    IoT is transforming consumer applications like never before. Personal fitness, home automation and connected cars are a few examples of how far technology has penetrated our lives.


  • Access and Control for Cloud-Based Data

    When corporate data is outside the data center's four walls, another entity now shares access and control. We'll explain the key considerations around access management, authentication, and endpoint protection.


  • Data Center Access Control

    Data centers – unassuming buildings with little or no signage; intentionally nondescript so the public cannot guess what is inside. The assets protected inside are not tangible, but they could be highly confidential personal or professional information or even secret encrypted keys that form the basis of communications between websites and end users.


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